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International Shipping ūüĆć

We can now ship orders outside of the US, please forward any questions you may have to our International support team so we can help you along in the process.

For now, please be aware what you may need for your order listed below.

Things to Know:

Orders that contain seed, soil or fertilizer are subject to the import regulations of the destination country. It is ultimately your responsibility to know what can and cannot enter your country.(Wesuggest checking with your country’s Department of Agriculture or equivalent - often called Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries or similar.)

  • If you need a¬†Phytosanitary Certificate, one can be added to your cart at check out and we will schedule the inspection with the USDA on your behalf. Many countries require this documentation, especially for larger orders.
  • If you have an¬†IMPORT PERMITbe surethat it is sent to our international team before your order ships out. This is provided to you by your government - it will let us know of any import stipulations that may apply.

(Both these documents cannot be added after the order ships.) 

It is the customers responsibility to cover any duties, fees, or taxes that may be assessed by the destination country or carrier.

Should the package become lost in transit or stuck in customs, the liability it yours. *By purchasing seed on our site you agree to this stipulation.*Product returned to us in good condition can be refunded, minus inbound or outbound shipping costs.

Due to the additional work that goes into international orders in combination with the size or weight of an order, they can take up to 1-2 weeks to process. The order may need to be built as well as inspected before we can ship it out. If you have any questions about International orders, please contact us during regular business hours via

Product Categories

Seeds¬†‚Äď Most countries allow the importation of seeds, however, import regulations governing varieties, quantities, duties, taxes and required regulatory paperwork vary from country to country.

Soil & Fertilizers¬†‚Äď Virtually all countries do not allow the importation of soil products. As a general rule, you are likely better off not ordering loose soil, or growing kits that contain loose soil. Most countries do allow the importation of hydroponic grow mediums like¬†jute mats,¬†micro-mats¬†and¬†biostrate mats. Coco-Coir products like¬†Minute Soil, are also typically acceptable. Most countries do not allow the importation of fertilizers, but some do.

**Hard Goods ‚Äď**For most countries there are no restrictions on shipping non-seed hard goods. These include items like¬†sprouters,¬†growing trays, etc‚Ķ If it doesn‚Äôt contain seeds, fertilizer or soil, there is no problem, and you can place the order normally, online or by phone.

International Refunds & Returns

Our Guarantee applies to all international orders, however we do not pay return shipping on international orders. Seed that comes back to us in good condition can be refunded, but original shipping costs cannot. Any return shipping costs are your responsibility.

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