Reviewing the Aquatree Garden: A True Leaf Market Experience

Reviewing the Aquatree Garden: A True Leaf Market ExperienceAquaTree_Review_Header_1_7a276a8d-4d46-47ac-a9dd-8e2cf92e6184.webp

By Ashleigh Smith

The AquaTree Garden is an innovative growing experience! This nifty appliance allows you to grow leafy greens, microgreens, herbs, large sprouts, and vegetable starts (like tomatoes) all at once! When it comes to indoor gardening, there is no question the AquaTree Garden is a powerhouse! With a continual water supply and great lighting, we have grown some of our most vigorous microgreens yet. Follow along as we detail our AquaTree Garden journey from trial and error to a thriving harvest.

Aquatree Garden

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True Leaf Market Rates the Aquatree with 5 Stars

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Testing the Effectiveness of the Aquatree

Over the last couple of years, I have had the opportunity to test and explore the many ways this machine can be used to produce a continual harvest indoors. When we first started testing the Aquatree, it looked a bit different than it does now. Instead of reusable tray inserts, a growing pad was used to hold the seeds in place. While this pad was great for some seeds, it had some complications with others. The good people at Aquatree Gardens created some awesome reusable tray inserts that are great for seeds of various sizes. They also make for an easy harvest and quick cleanup. Then the garden trays were added that enable leafy greens and starts to be grown all year long! Throughout our entire experience, it has been abundantly clear that Aquatree cares about creating a versatile and reliable growing experience from the comfort of your kitchen.

sprouts growing in aquatree

Sprouts - When it comes to growing sprouts, larger seeds like beans are the best options, as they are ready within about 3-4 days. Growing smaller seeds that take longer may lead to murky water, which will need to be replaced more frequently than when growing microgreens or leafy greens. We found that it was crucial to utilize the included slats to dam up the water to maintain the desired moisture levels.

Microgreens and Wheatgrass - The bread and butter of growing with the Aquatree Garden is its ability to grow healthy and hydrated microgreens. They thrive with little to no care between sowing and harvesting. This especially came in handy as I could leave them alone in the office over long holiday weekends or at home while traveling for a few days. In addition to microgreens, wheatgrass also thrives. If you regularly harvest wheatgrass juice, the Aquatree Garden makes it easy to plant a tray a day for harvesting in succession. Or, if you want to grow an assortment of sprouts, wheatgrass, microgreens, and leafy greens, you can do that too!

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Leafy Greens - With a good nutrient source, leafy greens thrive when grown hydroponically. Not only are they quick to grow, but they can also be harvested as needed. I would definitely recommend the Aquatree Garden if you regularly grow leafy greens. Compared to other small systems I have used, it exceeds my expectations. Some of the other systems I have used are complex to set up, leak, or simply take up too much space for regularly growing in the kitchen setting. With the potential for 25 plants growing per level, the Aquatree produces some of the largest yield potentials of any kitchen hydroponic system available.
*While most microgreens grow well in the Aquatree Garden system, there are some exceptions. We recommend reviewing the free guide provided by Aquatree for a better understanding of the best growing practices to use with this growing kitchen appliance.

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Free Aquatree User Guide

A Continual Water Flow

One of my favorite features of this growing appliance is that the water continually moves. This helps to distribute nutrients evenly, allows water to uptake oxygen for healthy root growth, and prevents algae growth. When it comes to growing microgreens, continual running water leads to less stress, faster growth, and a better flavor profile. With a large water basin, you also don’t need to worry about leaving your greens alone for a weekend. This made it extremely easy to have microgreens growing in the office and at home.

Dishwasher Safe

When it comes to cleaning up after you grow, the best option is definitely utilizing a dishwasher. I have both washed it by hand and cleaned it in the dishwasher many times. When washing by hand, you risk missing some of the nooks and crannies of the more complex pieces. While the bristle brush that comes with it does a good job, I found it helpful to use a straw brush to get the smaller holes thoroughly clean. Before washing the Aquatree Garden in the dishwasher, I also recommend giving it a quick pass over with the bristle brush to help remove build-up that can occur over longer grows. Overall, I definitely noticed washing in the dishwasher helps to sanitize the whole system and start the next grow with a fresh start.

Don't Forget to Fertilize

Whether you are growing microgreens, leafy greens, or seed starts, don’t forget to add nutrients to the water. While additional nutrients aren’t totally needed when growing microgreens, it definitely leads to a larger harvest. We recommend using the included nutrient mix or something like FloraGro. When it comes to growing leafy greens, it is essential to use a more complete mix. During our testing process, we used a 10-5-14 water-soluble fertilizer with calcium from a local hydroponics supplier that worked perfectly. Without additional nutrients, your seedlings will quickly show signs of decline.

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May 23, 2024

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