Microgreens—A Salad Bowl of Nutrients in One Bite!

Microgreens—A Salad Bowl of Nutrients in One Bite!microgreens-header_35354cb8-3f91-4114-9ed0-5fddbb3f2dd2.jpg

By Jordan Freytag

Preach! Don't you love it when you find an article that supports what you've been promoting and practicing for years! We do! This article from mbgfood is a fantastic short read that illustrates just WHY microgreens are so great! It's way more than just tasting and looking great!

Here are the main take-aways:

  • Their nutritional value for their size is staggering . . . Microgreens are very dense in nutrients that have been linked to immune support, containing up to 5X more vitamins, amino-acids, enzymes, and phytonutrients than the microgreen's full-grown counterpart.
  • And guess what? They are incredibly easy to grow at home, and they are very cost effective. A one pound bag of seeds can give a few month's worth of microgreens!
  • Easy to include in every meal of the day. Throw a few microgreens in your morning smoothing, Top off your oatmeal with sprouted wheat berries, and/or incorporate a microgreen medley into a salad.

Do you want to start growing microgreens now? Like, right now? We can help! Check any number of our microgreens kits to get everything you need to start, or if you already have the supplies, check out our seeds!

May 23, 2024

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