Pea Problems

We recommend a four hour cold soak, no more. Comb over the seeds and pick what out any that don't look good. Do this before and after the initial soak. Plant in soil with a light soil cover to help with moisture regulation. Try to avoid watering in the first few days as larger seeds tend to hold moisture better than we think. You can make these adjustments or opt to use our return policy and try a different pea variety for a while.

We get in the best seed we can for the best price we can offer. Some lots will have different needs for germination, and extra steps should be taken to accommodate each lot when buying new seed, but at this time they do meet government mandated requirements for germination. We offer a return policy for any reason within 30 days, our policy is geared towards microgreeners, because we see so many seed variations when growing in unique areas of the world with varying methods, we hope that it is something you can find beneficial.

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